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The Prairie Hills Neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin is bordered by Hammersley Road to the North, McKenna Boulevard to the West, Prairie Road to the East, and Putnam Road to the South. There are about 1,200 households in the area.

Recent Blog posts

Transit Network Redesign

Reminder! The new Madison Metro routes begin on June 11th. The largest change in our neighborhood will be the removal of Route 51 from Prairie Road. This will require transit users to walk to either Whitney Rd or Raymond Rd to take one of the new routes. See the comparison map and the example trip…

Spring Association Kick-off Meeting

We are excited to announce the spring kick-off meeting for the Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association and invite all neighbors to attend! This will be a great opportunity to engage with your community, socialize with your neighbors, and help shape the future of the neighborhood. During the kick-off meeting, we will discuss the goals and objectives…

Upcoming Events: